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About Aerodium Egypt

AERODIUM is the only company in the world that produces a full range of vertical wind tunnel models (open, wall to wall and recirculation type). AERODIUM is the team that created the world's first wind tunnel designed for entertainment purposes, and gave the world's first flight show in the Turin Olympics! The company, during its successful and rich experience, has turned from a flying enthusiasts’ niche company into a recognizable and loved brand in every country where people have encountered it. AERODIUM has changed the world's perception of flying and turned the world upside down - directly and figuratively! So far, AERODIUM wind tunnels have been in 29 countries around the world, including: Bahrain, USA, Russia, China, Mexico, Thailand, Turkey, Italy, South Korea, Greece, Finland and elsewhere and now in Egypt!

What is Included (for free)

Special equipments: Flying suit, helmet, goggles, gloves and ear plugs.

Warm-up and stretches pre-flight.

Flight Stunts by the Instructor.

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Rules & Notices

- Opening hours: 10:00am - 11:30pm (Weekdays), 10:00am - 12:30pm (Thursday - Saturday)
- You can fly if you are: from the age of 4 years and up, weight from 20 - 140 kg, not longer than 200 cm in height
- You will not be able to fly if you: have severe joint injuries or fractures, have injuries restricting the movement of your back and other movements are pregnant, have epilepsy, are under the intoxication of alcohol and/ or drugs.
- Previous preperation and experience is not required.
- Flying is safe - it is secured by 2 instructors, as well as the wind tunnel security features.
- You need to wear comfortable clothing and closed shoes.
- Rain, snow or wind will not interfere with the flight. Flight only will be cancelled during a thunderstorm.

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