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About MindMaze Egypt

MindMaze is an enigmatic place where you can test your skills in an unusual setting as a team. You are going to be locked up and have 60 minutes to escape from our tricky rooms. In order to find your way out, you need to solve various clues using creativity and common sense.

You're locked in a room. The clock is ticking. There's only one way out. In order to escape, you and your team will have to discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks before your time runs out. An escape room is an interactive, live-action game that tests your wits and problem-solving skills. It's a fun, challenging experience that's great for team building or sheer entertainment.

What is Included (for free)

Voucher is purchased with open date possibility.The voucher can be used only for one game, but any of our games can be played with it.

Get locked in for 60 minutes

Find clues & solve our puzzles

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Rules & Notices

- The above price per person for only a group of 3
- Teams must have min. 2 and max. 6 people
- Please show up 15 minutes before your game is scheduled
- You will be locked in one of 3 rooms (Apocalypse, Congo or Haunted Mansion)
- Voucher is purchased with open date possibility and can be used only for one game

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