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About Sitara Theatre

Based in Porto Cairo, Sitara offers quality interactive theatre performances together with a range of performing art workshops for the young people of Cairo. Since it opened in October 2008, over 120,000 children, ranging from 2-16, from over 140 national and international schools, have enjoyed the Sitara experience. Sitara's shows and workshops are written and directed by Emma Davies, and include puppets, masks, and design by acclaimed UK artist, John Barber. Sitara is an all-woman team of experienced and caring professionals. Sitara strives to provide the highest quality, professional, interactive live performances for your people, that entertain, educate and use a variety of theatrical techniques. These performances are complemented by a range of workshops, developing performing skills and using drama to explore relevant issues. We believe - Each child is a star. - Theatre inspires creativity, self-expression and an interest in literacy. - Theatre is for everyone. Sitara has The Sitara Theatre and Sitara Workshop: Sitara Theatre produce high quality full length theatre shows using a range of theatrical techniques – light, sound, set, costumes, music, props, puppets, masks and shadow puppets. The shows are interactive – all the students help tell the story by answering questions, discussing solutions to problems and learning a song/dance. A handful of students will be selected to work alongside the professional performers. Sitara Workshops include a short performance of either puppetry, mask, shadow puppetry, live action or a combination. After the performance the students ‘workshop’ themes or skills from the performance - through discussion, drama, puppetry, mask, scriptwork or some other element of the performing arts. To conclude all students will then be asked to perform either by acting, operating their puppets, using their masks through a range of drama techniques.

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Rules & Notices

- You must reserve first, whether you're a school trip or a group of children.
- Sitara Theatre: Minimum No of Children 60, Maximum No of Children: 120. Groups between 40 and 60 will be asked to pay more. We allow one adult per three children for the pre-school show; one adult per five children for primary shows.
- Sitara Workshops: Minimum No of Children: 40, Maximum No of Children: 70. Groups between 25-40 will be asked to pay more. We allow one adult per three children for the pre-school workshops; one adult per five children for primary workshops.
- Please note that puppet making kits are for children only.

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