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About Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital - مستشفى أبوظبي للصقور

You will get to visit the unique falconry museum where you can learn the traditional heritage of falconry and explore displays of special falconry tools and equipment. Move on to the examination room to see the precious birds undergoing feather repair and pedicures! Discover the hard work that goes into nursing falcons. At the hospital’s large free-flight aviary, you will see the falcons flying free. But the highlight of the tour is the extraordinary opportunity to have a majestic falcon sit on your arm in the beautiful hospital gardens.

What is Included (for free)

Watch a falcon getting a pedicure!

See falcons in majestic free flight in a free-flight aviary

Get a souvenir photo of a falcon on your arm

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Rules & Notices

-It's recommended to book one week before for groups and two days before for individuals visiting.
-3 hrs tour adult fees 220 AED.
-3 hrs tour kids fees 80 AED.
-2 hrs tour adult fees 170 AED.
-2 hrs tour adult fees 60 AED.

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