It is the World's first day-use portal specializing only in day activities and hangouts that do not include traveling or sleep overs or spending your day at the movies or in a shopping mall.

"Day-use" known also as "on day use" or "daytime without overnight use" referring to the same aim behind our website.

We all want to break the routine of our daily lives from time to time, but many of us do not have enough time or money to travel, and at the same time they are tired of going to the same traditional places, so we are providing different experiences in each city to help people enjoy their time.

We will be dedicated to the city citizens and visitors do not want to travel to avoiding the budget and travel requirements hassle, and in the same time, they still want to break the regular routine life. We will help people to know all surrounding places including costs, restrictions and advantages without the need of showing regular locations or restaurants.

- No website or mobile app in same category specializing only in day uses discovering.
- Everybody wants to travel or break his life routine and try something different or new, but not all of us have enough time or money to travel because of work, school, kids or life responsibilities.
- Many of same category websites & apps offer place discovering but not all provide activities discovering too and not helping people to search what they need according to age group and available money/hours.

Select your city and enjoy the choice between many nearby places and activities. Refine your search per category, budget, age group and the number of hours you want to spend outside, then prepare yourself and go break your daily life routine.

You will be able to know the needed budget, how many hours you can stay there, place age resections, services you will be able to get according to the paid ticket, place or event reviews and more.

You don't need to be registered to search and discover nearby places and activities, Go.dayuse is totally FREE but getting an account will let you to: Review, Favorite, Report and Claim day-uses plus It will allow you to add new places or upcoming activities you think we should include.

Anyone can register new account and add freely any places and activity for more than 2 hours and not require people to sleep outside home or any nontraditional place or activity.

We are creating our database manually to add all important details and help people find exactly what they need, but to give all the information it will take a while so we decided to move city by city until we cover the most famous cities around the world.

We've created Go.dayuse to help the places, activities and leisure business owners to find one place to promote the service they offer to the right type of audience, so Go.dayuse can help anyone to find something could break the daily routine of line and also for business owners it can help..

- It is FREE

- Gain more revenues but telling more people about your activities

- Increase you lesiure business awareness

- Reach the exact target audience you need

You can add any place or upcoming activity you think it will offer more than just the regular routine stuff like just eating or watching a movie and it can help people break the daily routine of life and enjoy some good and new activities outside. You can add parks, water or adventure activities, family places, resort or hotel day-use offers, festivals, historical places or even by just adding historical street that people can walk and enjoy discovering for more than 2 hours!

We only offer adding places and activities that will help people enjoy more than 2 hours and we don't accept any place or activity that will require people to sleep outside the home. We hope you understand that 1 hours is the minimum we think that can help people break the daily routine of life and we hope also you to understand that we don't offer to add cinemas if it will be only watching movie or restaurants without extra activities than eating or Hotels that don't have day use programs without need to book a room.

Place or Activity Name
Price (Including last updated date)
Opening days (Opening duration for activities)
Opening hours
Place amenities
Included services
Photos gallery
Rules & Policy

For only premium places and activities:
Contact email and number
Online reservation link if available
Social media accounts
Promo video
Session discounts
Extra recomended activities (including prices)

If someone has added your places and you want to enjoy the edit availability to change prices and details or upgrade to Premium and unlock more marketing services, you can claim the place and just provide us with few verification details then it will be transferred to your account.

* We don't allow activities claiming as it is only active for short period.

Absolutely, you can add any place in any city around world and hep us launch our service quickly in you city, you added place will be reviewed and then it will be pending after approval waiting for our release in your cities and then it will be active automatically and we will then notify you by email.

* We don't allow adding activities in non-released cities because it may expire before we start operating in this city

You can report any kind of wrong place or activity details, like:

- Price changed

- Closed place or expired activity

- Wrong data or duplicated details

Go.dayuse is made to help users and visitors discover and suggest new categories or amenities and also to allow you helping us to launch in more countries and cities around world by submitting new places in any country around world and also anyone can help us update our content by reporting changed prices or closed places or updated details.

You will be able to add all main place details FOR FREE and same for any upcoming activities, you will be able to add it’s start and expiry date and include all details you want to let people know about.

We want also to help places, activities and leisure business owners to promote their business to the right audience so we are here to provide marketing activities to help you gain the best return.

By using Premium Service you can also add:

- Social media and contact details: Drive more traffic to your social media account and website by and receive direct inquiries through phone or email

- Verify your day-use: Let people know that your place always up to date with most recent features, activities and prices

- Seasonal Occasions Activities: Update your prices according to seasons and provide special offers

- Online Reservation Link: If you offer online booking you can add your link to help people book easily

- Promo Video: If you have video promoting the activities you offer you will be able to add it and encourage people to visit your place

- Promote your side services: You will be able to add all other services you are offering including prices

- Analytics: Know more about your page traffic

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