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About Dream Aero UAE - دريم ايرو

Dream Aero is very happy to introduce to the United Arab of Emirates country the first real Flight Simulation Center for the famous airliner BOEING 737 NG. The experience is very unique and exciting. The Flight Simulator is providing exceptional services and inflight entertainment programs designed to meet your expectations leaving memorable moments in your life. Our innovative programs will give you the chance to choose your preferred destinations with different flight scenarios that will make you challenge your skills and enable you to learn more about flying and excelling it with the help of our professional pilots. Boeing 737 NG simulators are designed for entertainment purposes only with the cockpits fully resembling the real airplane. The software allows flying in full accordance with a pilot’s reality including some contingencies creating highly realistic replica of Boeing 737 NG cockpit with authentic interiors on the motion platforms. The flight simulator was built on the basis of providing professional flight training and the main aim of such flight simulators is the exact reproduction of all flight management functions and real-life situations providing people with a fully impressive experience and the closest thing to flying the real airplane following a real-world checklists. The simulator is intended to host four persons: an instructor as a first officer, a guest in the captain’s seat and two observers. The recommended times per session are from 20 minutes to 60 minutes so that customers can fully enjoy every moment while flying to the destination that they chose to fly to.

What is Included (for free)

Professional and qualified pilots will teach you how to take control of the flight and manage the plane.

6DOF Full motion simulator based on the Boeing 737-800.

100% scale, fully enclosed cockpit

Other Packages & Services

Gift Voucher: PRESENT A GIFT CERTIFICATE AS A PRESENT A flight in a Boeing 737 Simulator( AED )

30 Minutes Flight for 3 seats( 750.0 AED )

Birthday Treat: Dream Aero is happy to celebrate your birthday: Offering 20% discount on all flights. Feel special on your day and fly to your favorite destination.( AED )

Happy Hours: Enjoy Dream Aero's Happy Time: Get 15 extra minutes when purchasing a flight from 10 am till 1 pm. The offer is valid Sunday to Wednesday. ( AED )

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Rules & Notices

- Advance booking is required.
- There is a 24-hour cancellation policy.
- Children are welcomed.
- We offer entertainment for children. Give the perfect gift to your kids! Plenty of push buttons and light bulbs will touch even an adult’s heart.​
- Enjoy Dream Aero's Happy Time: Get 15 extra minutes when purchasing a flight from 10 am till 1 pm. The offer is valid Sunday to Wednesday. Call us now and book your flights!​​
- Though it may be hard to imagine, but there are countless scenarios available for your ultimate flight experience! From an easy take-off, cruising, descending and landing, to using full, real-world flight plans between any large city in the world, all of that with life-like airport reproductions. You could also fly during night time, or perform an emergency landing in extreme weather conditions. All you need is understanding of what experience you would like to have, and let us program your flight. Otherwise, our flight instructors can help you find a suitable scenario based on your skill level and ambition. Watching a professional perform in extreme flying conditions might be a fascinating experience by itself.

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