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About iPILOT Dubai

Get behind the controls of Boeing 737-800 flight simulator so realistic that pilots use it to practice. Fly to any of 24 000 airports in the World. Try to challenge the most difficult Airports in the World, Engine Failures, bad weather with a Professional Pilot as your personal Instructor.
The Place that will help Phobic people get over their fear of flying through their "Fear of Flying sessions" which are specifically tailored to help people conquer their phobia of plane travel. The idea came about after Wolfram, the founder, took his wife to see the first iPILOT simulator at Bluewater, who had suffered from anxiety about flying for years, in the hope that showing her how a plane works would help her feel more comfortable when boarding a flight. It worked and now they offer these sessions for anyone who wants to face their fears and gain a greater understanding of how an airplane is controlled by seeing first hand all the safety measures and systems that pilots have to keep their passengers safe.

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What is Included (for free)

1 Hour in the cockpit or 30 Minute flight experience

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Rules & Notices

- All online payments have to be done in USD (United States Dollars).
- It is advisable to book ahead.
- Minimum age is 6 years old.
- The experience is limited to a maximum of 2 people.
- Because the flight simulators are so realistic, they are required by the security services to confirm the identity and keep records of everyone that comes for a session at the controls. Please bring a piece of photo ID, either your passport or driving license, when you go for your flight experience.
- Your pilot Instructor will guide you through the process and you will be the Pilot flying during the experience.

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