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About Skydive Dubai

Step out of a plane at an altitude of almost 4,000 metres and enjoy the rush of the wind. The whole experience is a full-scale immersion of the senses. With instructors who have collectively logged well over 220,000 jumps, you'll be in good hands – and harnesses – as you jump above this iconic city. To make sure you remember the experience forever, a cameraman documents the fun.

What is Included (for free)

The free fall lasts around a minute before your instructor pops the chute and you begin a leisurely five-minute descent. This is your time to take in the incredible views as you swoop over the Palm Jumeirah towards the landing turf.

PALM Experience: Feel the freefall! Skydive attached to an experienced instructor at our premium location, No experiences required!

Other Packages & Services

Desert campus( 1699.0 AED )

Gyrocopter - Air Experience( 999.0 AED )

Skydive school( AED )

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Rules & Notices

- You must book first.
- Must be 18 years of age or older.
- Weight is less than: 90.0 kg (200.0 lbs.) – Women, 100.0 kg (220.0 lbs.) – Men.
- Must be physically fit and no one is pregnant. - If you are aged 60 or more, you must bring a filled-out doctor’s certificate before skydiving.
- Absolutely no alcohol and/or drugs can be in your system 24 hours before your tandem skydive.
- If you check-in with alcohol or drugs in your system the following will happen: you will not be able to skydive, you will lose your deposit and you cannot re-schedule your skydive.
- You must not scuba dive 24 hours before my skydive.
- Deposit is non-refundable and only one deposit may be used per person.

* ALL copyrights to the images on this page belong to the place itself and its affiliate websites or photography, NOT to website, blog and all related portal!

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